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Something of World War II.

2016-07-06 22:14:15 by MCCrazy

These are U.S.4483721_146785760362_QQ20160707101020.png4483721_146785761441_QQ20160707101029.png

And this is the German4483721_146785764561_QQ20160707101248.png

The New Props

2016-02-04 21:10:03 by MCCrazy

I recently painted a new item.

4483721_145463807543_QQ20160205100232.pngThe Gravity Gun

4483721_145463814243_QQ20160205100236.pngAnd the Portal Gun.

Some new cutting tools

2016-01-09 22:13:31 by MCCrazy

I have painted a lot of tools in the near future, although they are basically not used.

4483721_145239524761_QQ20160110110411.pngThe F-16 fighter

4483721_145239532681_QQ20160110110601.pngAn armed helicopter

4483721_145239538571_QQ20160110110705.pngThe leopard 2A7 main battle tank

4483721_145239547042_QQ20160110110831.pngTiger Tank

4483721_145239552841_QQ20160110110928.pngThe B-25D

4483721_145239558073_QQ20160110111021.pngThere is a battleship

A big regret

2015-09-20 20:41:09 by MCCrazy

Because of the time I can't complete the MD2015 animation.But I still have a collab with my friend.

Some new weapons

2015-08-10 22:55:05 by MCCrazy

4483721_143926150231_QQ20150811104648.pngThe ACR

4483721_143926164912_QQ20150811104712.pngThe DSR-1

4483721_143926167171_QQ20150811104705.pngTactical MP5

A new weapon

2015-07-21 22:34:35 by MCCrazy

The M4


The new role

2015-04-18 23:32:14 by MCCrazy

4483721_142941429343_QQ20150419112754.pngThat would be one of my new role.

Some New Material

2015-04-03 08:30:08 by MCCrazy

4483721_142806412191_QQ20150403202730.pngI painted these new equipment.

Car And Plane

2015-03-30 09:24:35 by MCCrazy

4483721_142772182973_QQ20150330212110.pngThis is my recent draw material.

A New Animation

2015-03-22 06:46:42 by MCCrazy

4483721_142702114142_65.gifI was making a new animation, I will use all I have learned.